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We all know that time is money. When you’re a busy business owner, sometimes you need technology to come in and do all of the heavy lifting. We have incorporated the full use of direct fulfillment processing to provide convenience for Internet-dependent business owners and companies. We’ve developed leading order fulfillment software, All In View, which provides total order management and order processing. Whether you take orders online, by phone, over-the-counter or through a combination of different methods, our system will make everything easier for you to sell online.

Making Things Simple with Direct Fulfillment

With our direct fulfillment services, processing your orders has never been easier. Orders that reach our warehouse get addressed immediately and our pick pack team gets to work right away. Within minutes, not days, we’re processing your orders and getting them into the hands of customers. We’d like to take all the credit for our efficient order fulfillment process, but we have a lot of help from our custom-made order fulfillment software. Everything is automated, which makes it easy for us to quickly pick, pack and ship products to customers on time. Plus, the client remains knowledgeable and in the loop about product flow since shipping information and order status is automatically pushed to their shopping cart.

Getting Direct Results Through Direct Fulfillment

When customers place orders online, they expect it to be to processed and shipped sooner rather than later. We understand that people don’t want to wait weeks to receive their orders, which is why we implement speedy pick and pack procedures at J.M. Field Marketing. A happy customer is one that receives the right order at the right location in a timely manner. With that in mind, our team makes sure that all orders entering out database are processed the minute they come in. Accuracy is taken to a whole new level, since we utilize automation software that eliminates the chance of errors.

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